WCS Winter - Americas Preview

WCS Winter is starting and I for one am very excited. This will be my first of many entries for this Starcraft 2 Esports scene. So sit back relax and enjoy!

This entry is going to start with who I think is lucky to even have made the tournament and end with who I think has the best chance to win this tournament. I look forward to getting flamed because I either “disrespected” a player or you think I am overrating a player.

“Lucky To Have Made It”

  • TooDming — Played in Chinese Qualifier. Lost to Firefly who only got through to bracket because Jieshi got disqualified. Barely beat Xigua who hasn’t been performing up to his standards in the Chinese scene. If he had to play in America or even Asia qualifier he wouldn’t have made it. Also if the Chinese qualifier wasn’t closed to other non-chinese players he wouldn’t’ have made it.

  • Firefly — Played in Chinese Qualifier. Only got through groups because Jieshi got disqualified. If he had to play in America or even Asia qualifier he wouldn’t have made it. Also if the Chinese qualifier wasn’t closed to other non-Chinese players he wouldn’t’ have made it.

  • PsiArc — Beat like every one of his opponents 2–1. Did beat some names like Cuddlebear and Bioice but no one that really had a chance to do well in this tournament. Took him until losers bracket of the 2nd America Qualifier to make it.

  • Vindicta — Beat no one of real note. Not expecting much.

  • Meomaika — Beat no one (PSiArc doesn’t count). Will get crushed in group stages

  • GogojOey — Beat Jonsnow (the gatekeeper) to make it out but it was in the Asian qualifier so I am giving Jonsnow the benefit of doubt. Also, beat eGGz and Bioice which aren’t the best of players but players of note. I don’t think he would have made it if he only played on Americas qualifier.

  • JimRising — Overrated and streams too much for me to believe he should make it. Got lucky in the losers bracket of Asia qualifier. Avoided playing the best players in the losers bracket.

“No Luck Involved, No Chance Of Winning”

  • MCanning — I love him, I am rooting for him, he has a chance to get out of his group but come on let’s be real. He is a streamer first which he openly admits. Lost to Expect and Rob in the first qualifier. The best players he faced in 2nd Qualifier were Warren and Ryu which doesn’t really impress me that much. He would have made it, in my opinion, no matter what but he has no chance of winning!

  • Erik — Got in through bracket points. In short 3 players were cheating got disqualified and he got one of the spots. He is 6.4k which does hold some weight. He hasn’t really beaten anyone of note this year. Maybe this will be his coming out year.

  • Seither and Probe — Got through because he had the server advantage on Asia Qualifier. They are good players but when they face better players they won’t be able to stand up but they deserve to be here.

  • PiLiPiLi — Huge fan of this guy. Has been playing really well on the ladder at about 6k MMR. He didn’t beat many people since he came back but has been practicing a lot and expecting him to make some waves but no chance of winning

  • TIME — Has been a staple of the Chinese scene for years always has a chance to make some waves but just isn’t good enough

  • Coffee — Not many big wins. Beat Cyan and TooDming but lost to TIME. Just won’t be good enough to get out of his group.

  • Demi — Good player, really hasn’t beaten anyone of note. Beat the gatekeeper but no one really else of note. Beat Raze and Creature but they aren’t as good as the gatekeeper atm.

  • MaSa — Cheese Cheese Cheese. Will have a surprise game or two. Maybe will make it out of the group but doesn’t have a chance of winning the tournament.

  • JonSnow — The gatekeeper doesn’t have a chance of winning but can beat some of the best players. He just can’t beat them consistently.

  • Rex — Beats well-known players like Warren, Cuddlebear, NoRegret, PiLiPiLi but just doesn’t beat the contenders. Definitely deserves to be here but no chance of winning.

  • Disk — Played out of his mind in the tournament. Beat players of note like Starkiller and. He has a good amount of momentum playing the best he has played in his career but no chance of winning.

  • Epic — Has been in challenger a couple of times. Never really gets very far but is a very solid player. Lost 4–3 to Astrea and won some good series vs Cuddlebear, JonSnow, and Vindicta. Can’t beat the best of the best though.

  • Kelazhur — Got in through the ladder competition. Hasn’t been playing great as of late. Don’t see him having a chance of winning as I don’t ever really see him beat the best of the best.

  • Cham — Amazing on Ladder. Doesn’t perform great in tournaments. Doesn’t have a chance of winning.

  • ExpecT — Beaten MCanning, Probe, but lost to the better players. He can maybe beat some players in the next group like Future or Puck but I don’t see him having as good of a chance of winning the entire tournament. Just isn’t in that next tier as of yet.

Very Small Chance of Winning

  • Future — Won Cheesadelphia but after that hasn’t been playing his best. Had to qualify through Americas Qualifier 2. Has shown he can beat some great players like Special and Puck but he is having, in my opinion, a bit of a Cheeseadelphia hangover. I just don’t think he is a true contender yet. Big fan wish him the best of luck!

  • Silky — Supposedly very high MMR on Korea. Beat Neeb last year. Seems to have the good fortune of playing up to his competition but also plays down to his competition. Has a small chance of winning but I just don’t see it.

  • puCK — He is an extremely mechanical player which helps him a lot on the ladder. Easy to metagame in tournaments. He has the talent to be a contender just can’t put him on that list until I see him get really far in a WCS.

  • Astrea — Takes a ton of game off Puck on Ladder. Beat Neeb 2–1 and good players like Epic! Out of everyone in this group, I think he has the best chance of winning but still a very small chance. He is a very smart strategic player who this year will have a coming out party!

  • TLO — Extremely Innovative. Extremely fun to watch. Not in his prime anymore doesn’t have a good chance of winning but will give a bunch of players some trouble in this tournament.


  • Scarlett — We never know if she is practiced or if she isn’t. Not as motivated as she used to be but can always pull out a big tournament win. Can beat any player in this tournament but has struggled vs Neeb a lot in the past!

  • Has — Cheese Cheese Cheese Cheese Cheese Cheese Cheese Cheese. I am telling you I can write “cheese” for hours and that still wouldn’t be enough to show how Cheesy this player is. He is fun to watch and had some great showing last year which makes him a contender. Unless he finds some new creative cheese that is extremely hard to stop I don’t believe he will win.


  • Neeb — I know, I know. He lost early at Cheesadelphia and hasn’t played up to his standards as of late. He is still a contender who can pretty much beat anyone in the world. He is an extremely solid almost to the point of a greedy macro player who no one wants to play in the late game. This is my pick to win the entire tournament but it won’t be easy.

  • Special — Also lost earlier than we expected in Cheeseadelphia. Still a great macro terran with some innovative builds every now and then. One of the most consistent players ever to play sc2 and always can pick up a tournament win! He is one of the staples of the foreign scene!

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